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Who Is A Chiropractic Physician

Posted By Joe Root

To most people, a Chiropractic physician is more of a quack or at best a half boiled doctor. This is a rather misconception that has come about with the lack of understanding of the process of getting to be a chiropractic practitioner. It would be in order that a basic sense of who the chiropractic is basically is, has to be explained here.

Basic Education

Chiropractors attend a basic graduate study course. They have subjects like physics, biology and chemistry in them. Thereafter they do attend a pre-medical course and then a four year chiropractor training.

So it can be seen that the average trained chiropractor does eight years of specialised training in the field of medicine and its related subjects. One of the focus areas of the chiropractor doctor is the spine. Since the entire body weight and most parts of the nervous system are connected by the spine, this is central to how matters are handled by the doctors.

The Constitutions of the Certification

Most chiropractors are certified as capable hands after undergoing four years of rigorous training and testing. The main parts of the training are in the fields of anatomy as applied to the spinal column.  The origin of the system is taken to be the spinal column as far a possible. All troubles to the person is analysed with respect to the anatomical position of the person and not a psychological one.

The second part of chiropractic is in the interpretation of radiology charts and the understanding of various imagery and sciences. Various instruments are introduced to the students and the basic research methods are also made known. The second portion of the training basically tries to build up on the first part and to get to understand the basic nature of the conditions first hand.

The third part are the clinical internships and the hands on experience in diagnosing conditions of the back and spine. Here an attempt is made to connect the various theory to the study of chiropractic practice and to understand what binds everything together in the treatment forms.

The final part is the act of working as an understudy to a practicing chiropractor and to conduct procedures under the watchful eyes of the trained doctor. The final process of certifications depend on the time and quality output that is provided to the patient during the final part of the training.

The Holistic Approach

Unlike the typical physician that is exposed to just the allopathic nature of the treatment, the chiropractic doctor is given an all round training. Depending on the scope and understanding that the intern demonstrates, the further training is provided in acupuncture, massage therapy and the likes which could complement the treatment of patients in chiropractic practice.


While one chiropractor in Fredericksburg, VA does seem capable of handling the typical cases that are brought to his notice, it is not that chiropractic practice is a stand-alone matter. Most chiropractors are capable of handling a variety of ailments and sickness and rather than call them a physician; it would be more appropriate to call them as practitioners.

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How to be Healthy with Raw Veggie Salads and Juices

Posted By Joe Root

You might have tasted a vast range of fruit juices that keep you fit and healthy for the day. Today, I will introduce you to some of the most energizing and life-sustaining veggie juices. You might have tasted many of them already. Today, my focus is on mixing various veggies to make salads and juices. Let’s get going.

Veggie Juices

Beet Juice

Take two whole beets and chop them into fine pieces. Take two spoons of spinach powder, one spoon of pepper powder, one spoon of ginger powder, one spoon of garlic powder, and one spoon of asafetida powder. Grind the beets into a fine juice. Add the other ingredients, mix well and serve chilled. I have tasted it many times and found it to be very good for my fitness and health. It is a good practice to drink it early in the morning before breakfast.

Pumpkin Juice

Pumpkin juice is one of the greatest beverages for fat burning and weight loss. It is low in calories and high on antioxidant elements. It can reach the circulation within a few minutes after consumption. You can use any breed of pumpkin to make the juice.

Peel the external skin and chop the veggie into fine pieces. You can also add ginger, garlic, a few pieces of clove and mint leaves. You have a make a fine powder of spices and add it to the pumpkin while grinding into a juice. Serve chilled. I have tried it for three months and lost four KG without any physical workouts.

Neem Extract

 Known as the Indian Lilac, Neem is one of the most powerful antioxidants you can find. In Asia, people use the small branches to brush teeth as alternate to the toothpaste and brush. It can kill pathogens, remove toxic elements, burn fat, balance glucose, and cholesterol, and increase the hydration levels within your body.

You can opt for the off the shelf Neem extract or prepare at them. You can also add Gooseberry juice, lime extract, and a spoon of honey to make it tasty. It is because Neem is bitter by taste.

Add a handful of Neem leaves to one large cup of water and boil for five to six minutes. Filter the extract and add the other ingredients. You can drink it hot or cool after refrigeration. The extract keeps your body fresh and energetic. You can work for extended hours without getting stressed out.

Note:  Consult your physician before starting with the Neem extract diet plan. It is because it could reduce the sugar levels within your body considerably.

Gooseberry Juice

Gooseberry may not be a veggie, but the extract has plenty of antioxidant, anticancer, and anti-infections ingredients. It can also purify your blood just like the Neem extract. Some breeds may have seeds, while the others can be seedless. I suggest you use the ones with the seeds. Remove the seeds after cutting open the gooseberry. Grind with water to make one cup of juice. Add the ingredients and consume.


You can try any of the above recipes before breakfast in the morning. You will experience the magical effects to be healthy and fit in for life.

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Fundamentals of Chiropractic Techniques for Healthier Life

Posted By Joe Root

The musculoskeletal system in your body plays a vital role in the complete balancing of the body and the brain. The key points of therapy, treatments, and adjustments start from the spinal cord. The therapist knows which part of the spine has the defects and makes adjustments accordingly. Mr. Palmer started the chiropractic therapy and techniques in the year 1895. In the beginning, it remained as an alternative to the traditional physiotherapy and related treatments. Today, it is no longer an alternate. Chiropractic has emerged as a major medical science in parallel to the other branches.

Why Choose Chiropractic

There are several reasons for you to choose chiropractic. But the main ones are

  • Freedom from chemical-based drugs
  • The natural method of treatment and faster healing
  • No side effects
  • A better choice for all age groups of male and female patients
  • Shorter recovery time
  • Less expensive compared to the traditional medications
  • Pain-free treatments
  • Simple post-therapeutic procedures at home
  • Recovery of physical fitness and body health
  • Healing of brain and psychological disorders

Chiropractic is an ever-expanding field, which is including all the aspects of treatment which earlier belonged to the conventional medicines. Healing is a process which immediately follows the post-therapy and treatment procedures.

Foods to Consume

The foods you consume will determine how fast the healing and recovery processes work. You can consume veggies, especially in the raw form. For example, you can consider carrot, beans, beet, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and green leafy veggies. The best practice is to have lots of salads and veggie juices also.


Fruits provide you with the vital vitamins, proteins, and other forms of micro and macronutrients. Fruits like pomegranate, apple, guava, kiwi, mango, banana, jackfruit, and watermelon have lots of antioxidant content. They not only purify your blood but also help the cardiovascular and metabolic organs to work efficiently.

Fruits like watermelon and kiwi play a vital role in the hydration of muscles, internal organs, and the skin. They clean the pores, control the sebum production, and prevent the possibility of acne, rashes, and other skin disorders. Since the probability of such disorders is high during post chiropractic recovery, it is a good practice to consume such fruits.


Guava is perhaps the only fruit which has more vitamins, proteins, and antioxidant elements more than the other fruits. For example, you could compare it with apple, orange, banana, and kiwi. The percentage of antioxidant elements are more by at least 40% to 45%. Guava fruit and the leaves are ideal for correcting the problems in digestive tracts, intestine, liver, and the entire gastrointestinal systems.

Guava is especially useful for post chiropractic treatment. It can relieve the pain in the lower back and spine sections by eliminating the stress and fatigue factors.  You can experience faster relief from chronic pain even before the chiropractic procedures and treatments.


I will explore the connections between chiropractic therapy and the consumption of fruits during the pre and post chiropractic therapy procedures.

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How A Fruit Diet Helps The Person

Posted By Joe Root

It is only in the past three decades or so that people have taken to eating processed foods on most occasions. Traditionally people have been fruit eaters and it must be said that the fruits of those times were much richer in fiber content and nutrients too. The supermarkets of today are filled to the tiles with fruits of all kinds and manners. It still remains the best option to use when it comes to having a fill and having the right amount of nutrients as well.

Positive to using guava fruits

  1. Blood sugar control: One of the positive sides to using guava in the diet is that it is possible to have a better control over the blood sugar.  An equally interesting fact is that it is possible to have extracts done from the guava leaves and bark to help manage the blood sugar levels. 
  2. Boost condition of the heart: It is believed that with the concentration of vitamins and anti-oxidants, it is possible to protect the heart from the free radicals which would otherwise damage the organ.   The useful cholesterol levels have been known to have been increased and the LDL levels lowered significantly.  A boosted heart is also one of the better signs of good health. 
  3. Moderation in BP: The blood pressure of a person does give out the overall condition of a person’s circulatory and respiratory systems.  Anything that does improve the condition of the functioning must welcome in all earnest. Guava extracts have been known to have the ability to stabilize blood pressure and to control illness.
  4. Cyclic pain: Most women during their menstrual cycles do undergo some kind of distress and discomfiture.  Having a guava every morning in such conditions and regularly sticking to a guava diet would bring added benefits to the women as such. 
  5. Helps digestion: Guava fruit helps smoothen out digestion.  It acts as curative effect as well as a boosting role in the digestive processes. In summer, with high day time temperatures, it is often the one thing to use guava fruits or extracts from the guava plant to fortify the system.  The fibrous nature of the fruit helps in cleaning out the bowels all the time.
  6. Weight control: The guava fruit has multiple roles in the weight control of people.  On the one hand, it helps regulate the weight of the person till it is maintained at a steady state. Obese or overweight people can hope to reduce weight significantly by the intake of guava extracts and such preparations.
  7. Prevents the growth of cancer cells: There has been strong evidence that guava extract and guava fruits can help control the growth of cancerous cells most of the time. Although a complete cure is not recognized, the intake of the extracts does boost the immunity system and help maintain a healthy consistency.


The benefits to using guava and its extracts have been given in the above. It strengthens the need to follow a fruit based diet as opposed to a processed food diet.

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Benefits of Being Fruitarian Once in a Month

Posted By Joe Root

We, the humans are neither vegetarians nor meat and seafood eaters. We are fruitarians. If you turn back the pages of history, there will be references to hunting as the first means of food gathering. But if you step into prehistoric archeology, you can find plenty of evidence for proving humans to be natural fruitarians. Of course, they used to eat a lot of fibrous fruits that were stronger and larger in size. The fruits we get in the supermarkets may not be very fibrous, but they are still healthy and tasty.


Guava has been one of my favorite fruits since childhood. I used to cut the fruits halfway through, add pepper and salt powder and eat. They kept me free from digestive problems. They also kept me healthy, hungry, and fit for sports. In my adulthood, I used to drink guava juice for avoiding early morning hangover. It was also a good way to detox my body and brain from the remnants of previous night’s vodka.  Guava always cleared my mind and gave me the ability to think clearly and remain safe and sober.

Guava Crumble


You will need 4 big guavas, two spoons sugar; two spoons lime juice, one spoon ginger, garlic, and cinnamon powder. Cut the guavas, and add to the other ingredients. Mix them and make a coarse powder.


Make rolls from oats or wheat. Fill it with the prepared mix and seal the top gently. Now you have to heat them in an oven.  Take them out and enjoy your food. It is very healthy food to keep your blood pressure, diabetes, and stress levels down to normal levels.

Guava Cake


You will need one cup of guava concentrate, one cup of egg-white, one cup of cake flour, half spoon of salt and baking powder, one cup of sugar, and 1/4 cup of veggie oil.

For the cream, you can have vanilla powder, cheese, and thick cream as well as dry fruits.             


Add cake flour, guava concentrate, salt and oil into a large bowl. Add baking powder and sugar also. Beat them into a fine and smooth dough. Add the egg white and mix well. Beat the dough for the next 15 minutes. Let the dough soak for 10 minutes. Add the vanilla powder, cheese, and thick cream into a bowl and whip until they mix well.  

  Shape the dough into the shape of a cake and bake in the preheated (300-degrees) oven until the cake forms fully. Spread the cream over the cake and add dry fruits. Your cake is now ready to serve.

Why I Chose Guava

Guava is stated to be a superior-food compared to many other fruits, especially apple. Every 100 grams of guava juice contains 500milligrams of antioxidants. In the apple, it is about 150milligrams in 100 grams of juice. There are many other factors to consider like nutrients and minerals, etc.

Be Healthy Brazos Valley


I suggest you use more of guava for keeping your diabetes, and blood pressure under control. I have found practical results which you also may experience. Make sure you consult your physician before going on a guava diet.

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