Welcome to My Blog!

I am a registered dietician located in Brazos Valley, Texas. I am a complete foodie, I love cooking and yes, I do love to gorge in anything which is delicious! Sounds confusing?

Well – I have come across several people who believe that the job of a dietician is to prepare strict diet charts or to create a healthy food-chart and restrict consumption of anything which is delicious and tasty. No, this is totally a myth! We, dieticians are there to help our clients develop healthy eating habits and a healthy lifestyle.

I often meet clients in Brazos Valley, who ask me what they shouldn’t be eating to lose weight. I get queries related to what foods can help to lose weight instantly or what they need to eat when suffering from diabetes, weight gain/loss problems or other issues. All that I mention to them is that, I am here helping you to lead a healthy life. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to starve, cut down sugars, fat or anything which you love to eat.

In my blog, you will come across many unusual facts, several food and diet related myths busted and learn some unique food preparations as well. Yes, you can eat to be healthy and that’s what will keep you physically and mentally healthy.

Through my blog, I wish to connect to anyone who is looking forward to a healthy life. My philosophy lies deep rooted in my love to cook good food and a strong desire to inculcate nutrition in daily habits. My desire is to keep things simple, easy and something which is easy to continue. All that you need to do is stop worrying and start celebrating good food!

And yes, keep reading because in my feed you will not just come across diet tips or healthy food ideas, you are going to see some amazing food pictures as well. I love photography and food photography is my passion!