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Benefits of Being Fruitarian Once in a Month

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We, the humans are neither vegetarians nor meat and seafood eaters. We are fruitarians. If you turn back the pages of history, there will be references to hunting as the first means of food gathering. But if you step into prehistoric archeology, you can find plenty of evidence for proving humans to be natural fruitarians. Of course, they used to eat a lot of fibrous fruits that were stronger and larger in size. The fruits we get in the supermarkets may not be very fibrous, but they are still healthy and tasty.


Guava has been one of my favorite fruits since childhood. I used to cut the fruits halfway through, add pepper and salt powder and eat. They kept me free from digestive problems. They also kept me healthy, hungry, and fit for sports. In my adulthood, I used to drink guava juice for avoiding early morning hangover. It was also a good way to detox my body and brain from the remnants of previous night’s vodka.  Guava always cleared my mind and gave me the ability to think clearly and remain safe and sober.

Guava Crumble


You will need 4 big guavas, two spoons sugar; two spoons lime juice, one spoon ginger, garlic, and cinnamon powder. Cut the guavas, and add to the other ingredients. Mix them and make a coarse powder.


Make rolls from oats or wheat. Fill it with the prepared mix and seal the top gently. Now you have to heat them in an oven.  Take them out and enjoy your food. It is very healthy food to keep your blood pressure, diabetes, and stress levels down to normal levels.

Guava Cake


You will need one cup of guava concentrate, one cup of egg-white, one cup of cake flour, half spoon of salt and baking powder, one cup of sugar, and 1/4 cup of veggie oil.

For the cream, you can have vanilla powder, cheese, and thick cream as well as dry fruits.             


Add cake flour, guava concentrate, salt and oil into a large bowl. Add baking powder and sugar also. Beat them into a fine and smooth dough. Add the egg white and mix well. Beat the dough for the next 15 minutes. Let the dough soak for 10 minutes. Add the vanilla powder, cheese, and thick cream into a bowl and whip until they mix well.  

  Shape the dough into the shape of a cake and bake in the preheated (300-degrees) oven until the cake forms fully. Spread the cream over the cake and add dry fruits. Your cake is now ready to serve.

Why I Chose Guava

Guava is stated to be a superior-food compared to many other fruits, especially apple. Every 100 grams of guava juice contains 500milligrams of antioxidants. In the apple, it is about 150milligrams in 100 grams of juice. There are many other factors to consider like nutrients and minerals, etc.

Be Healthy Brazos Valley


I suggest you use more of guava for keeping your diabetes, and blood pressure under control. I have found practical results which you also may experience. Make sure you consult your physician before going on a guava diet.

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