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How to be Healthy with Raw Veggie Salads and Juices

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You might have tasted a vast range of fruit juices that keep you fit and healthy for the day. Today, I will introduce you to some of the most energizing and life-sustaining veggie juices. You might have tasted many of them already. Today, my focus is on mixing various veggies to make salads and juices. Let’s get going.

Veggie Juices

Beet Juice

Take two whole beets and chop them into fine pieces. Take two spoons of spinach powder, one spoon of pepper powder, one spoon of ginger powder, one spoon of garlic powder, and one spoon of asafetida powder. Grind the beets into a fine juice. Add the other ingredients, mix well and serve chilled. I have tasted it many times and found it to be very good for my fitness and health. It is a good practice to drink it early in the morning before breakfast.

Pumpkin Juice

Pumpkin juice is one of the greatest beverages for fat burning and weight loss. It is low in calories and high on antioxidant elements. It can reach the circulation within a few minutes after consumption. You can use any breed of pumpkin to make the juice.

Peel the external skin and chop the veggie into fine pieces. You can also add ginger, garlic, a few pieces of clove and mint leaves. You have a make a fine powder of spices and add it to the pumpkin while grinding into a juice. Serve chilled. I have tried it for three months and lost four KG without any physical workouts.

Neem Extract

 Known as the Indian Lilac, Neem is one of the most powerful antioxidants you can find. In Asia, people use the small branches to brush teeth as alternate to the toothpaste and brush. It can kill pathogens, remove toxic elements, burn fat, balance glucose, and cholesterol, and increase the hydration levels within your body.

You can opt for the off the shelf Neem extract or prepare at them. You can also add Gooseberry juice, lime extract, and a spoon of honey to make it tasty. It is because Neem is bitter by taste.

Add a handful of Neem leaves to one large cup of water and boil for five to six minutes. Filter the extract and add the other ingredients. You can drink it hot or cool after refrigeration. The extract keeps your body fresh and energetic. You can work for extended hours without getting stressed out.

Note:  Consult your physician before starting with the Neem extract diet plan. It is because it could reduce the sugar levels within your body considerably.

Gooseberry Juice

Gooseberry may not be a veggie, but the extract has plenty of antioxidant, anticancer, and anti-infections ingredients. It can also purify your blood just like the Neem extract. Some breeds may have seeds, while the others can be seedless. I suggest you use the ones with the seeds. Remove the seeds after cutting open the gooseberry. Grind with water to make one cup of juice. Add the ingredients and consume.


You can try any of the above recipes before breakfast in the morning. You will experience the magical effects to be healthy and fit in for life.

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