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Who Is A Chiropractic Physician

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To most people, a Chiropractic physician is more of a quack or at best a half boiled doctor. This is a rather misconception that has come about with the lack of understanding of the process of getting to be a chiropractic practitioner. It would be in order that a basic sense of who the chiropractic is basically is, has to be explained here.

Basic Education

Chiropractors attend a basic graduate study course. They have subjects like physics, biology and chemistry in them. Thereafter they do attend a pre-medical course and then a four year chiropractor training.

So it can be seen that the average trained chiropractor does eight years of specialised training in the field of medicine and its related subjects. One of the focus areas of the chiropractor doctor is the spine. Since the entire body weight and most parts of the nervous system are connected by the spine, this is central to how matters are handled by the doctors.

The Constitutions of the Certification

Most chiropractors are certified as capable hands after undergoing four years of rigorous training and testing. The main parts of the training are in the fields of anatomy as applied to the spinal column.  The origin of the system is taken to be the spinal column as far a possible. All troubles to the person is analysed with respect to the anatomical position of the person and not a psychological one.

The second part of chiropractic is in the interpretation of radiology charts and the understanding of various imagery and sciences. Various instruments are introduced to the students and the basic research methods are also made known. The second portion of the training basically tries to build up on the first part and to get to understand the basic nature of the conditions first hand.

The third part are the clinical internships and the hands on experience in diagnosing conditions of the back and spine. Here an attempt is made to connect the various theory to the study of chiropractic practice and to understand what binds everything together in the treatment forms.

The final part is the act of working as an understudy to a practicing chiropractor and to conduct procedures under the watchful eyes of the trained doctor. The final process of certifications depend on the time and quality output that is provided to the patient during the final part of the training.

The Holistic Approach

Unlike the typical physician that is exposed to just the allopathic nature of the treatment, the chiropractic doctor is given an all round training. Depending on the scope and understanding that the intern demonstrates, the further training is provided in acupuncture, massage therapy and the likes which could complement the treatment of patients in chiropractic practice.


While one chiropractor in Fredericksburg, VA does seem capable of handling the typical cases that are brought to his notice, it is not that chiropractic practice is a stand-alone matter. Most chiropractors are capable of handling a variety of ailments and sickness and rather than call them a physician; it would be more appropriate to call them as practitioners.

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